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JOYLEE Thermos Flask


Enjoy your favorite cold or hot beverage anytime, anywhere. Crafted from stainless steel with proprietary triple insulation. Keeps drinks ice cold for up to 25 hours or hot for up to 12 without freezing or sweating. 


Babies and children have narrower nasal passages compared to adults, which lead to occasional stuffiness. Unable to expel the mucus buildup themselves, your little ones may have difficulty breathing or fall sick easily.

JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner solves this by siphoning mucus out of your child’s nostrils. Within minutes, they will be able to breathe better and resume feeding or sleeping in peace.

1. Is this good for a 2-year-old baby or older?
Yes, the JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner is suitable for all ages.

2. Does this nose cleaner work with power supply or battery or just one of them?
The nose cleaner is powered by 2 AA batteries only.

3. Is it a powerful suction? Can it suction phlegm from a newborn?
The JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner comes with three suction strengths depending on your use. Should you find difficulty siphoning mucus, we recommend using the cleaner with a nasal spray.

4. Are there replacement parts or do you wash & reuse the mucus cup? 
Yes, you can easily purchase replacement parts on our website:

Joykids Nose Cleaner Add-Ons

The mucus cup is reusable- simply wash it thoroughly and reattach for the next use.

5. I have twins. Is there a extra sucking tip for hygiene reasons?
There are two tips of different sizes enclosed in each package. Each tip cleans easily for second use.

6. Is it powerful enough for adults and will it fit an adult’s nose?
Yes, adults may benefit from the JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner, with its choice of tip size and suction strength. 

7. How loud is this aspirator?
The JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner functions with minimal noise, and will not affect your sleeping child. 

8. Any advice how to clean the silicone tip/nozzle?
We recommend rinsing the nozzles under a fast water flow. Use a cotton swab to clean out remaining buildup.

If your child has a flu, soak nozzles in boiling water or medical alcohol for a few minutes.

9. Do you think this could be used to suck fluid/mucus out of ears?
No. When babies have fluid in their ears, the buildup will be located behind the eardrums. The nose cleaner only works on the nose and may cause harm to your baby’s ears. If fluid forms in your child’s ears, consult your doctor for treatment.


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